Low Production Tester

Low Production Tester

Low Production Tester

Haimo's Low Production Tester–LPT is developed primarily to address accurate measurement of low flowing and slugging wells.

Low Production Tester

Accurate measurement of low flowing and slugging wells are always a challenge in the oil industry. Haimo's Low Production Tester–LPT is developed primarily to address this challenge. LPT is a compact skid mounted meter, which can be used as fixed or mobile unit, to accurately meter low flowing wells.

Low Production Tester

  • The multiphase flow is separated into gas and liquid in a vertical separator

  • Total liquid flow rate and water–cut is measured using Coriolis meter while gas is measured with a vortex meter

  • The level in the vertical separator is controlled by a combination of level transmitters in the vessel and the liquid control valve installed downstream the vertical separator

  • Data acquisition and computation, liquid level controls are done by Haimo's proprietary Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) / flow computer

Haimo Low    Production Tester ( LPT )  Performance Specifications

GVF range



0~100 %

Liquid Flow (Rel)


Gas Flow (Rel)


Water Cut (Abs)


  • Accurately measures (oil /water /gas) flow 

  • Extremely low flowing marginal wells measurement

  • Accurate and repeatable data

  • Compact and skid mounted for easy deployment

  • Fully automated with unique control strategy

  • Real time electronic data acquisition

* Well type:  Oil well    Gas well
* Targeted flow:  Two phase  Three phase
Operating Temperature (℃):
Design Temperature (℃):
Operating Pressure (bar):
Design Pressure (bar):
Expected Gas/Liquid Flow Rates (am³/d):
Is gamma meter accepted or not:
Location of the Project (Country):
* Name:
* Email:

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