Haimo Research Institute

Haimo Research Institute (HRI) combined Haimo Multiphase Flow Technology Center, Environmental Technology Development Center, Gansu Provincial Shale Gas Lab, China University of Petroleum/Haimo Post-Doctoral Research Lab. HRI is responsible for researching and developing of oil / gas production and environmental protection related technologies and processes, organic research and technology transfer; training and grooming high level scientists and technologists; guiding and managing enterprise technology roadmap. It functions as an incubator for advanced technologies, as well as technical support arm for different Haimo Groups to ensure their leading positions in the industry.

Current HRI technology development areas include:

Multiphase Flow Measurements: Onshore / Offshore MPFM, Sub-sea MPFM and multiphase pumping systems; subsurface MPFM and non-radioactive MPFM...

Hydraulic Fracturing: Novel HP fluid-end assembly, long-life HP flow elements, eco-friendly fracturing fluid systems...

Oilfield Environmental Protection: (Mobile) flow-back fluid treatment & re-use, zero-discharge mud handling systems, produced water treatment and re-use, high efficiency oil-water separation...

Advanced Energy and Environmental Protection: Low cost unconventional oil and gas field development, digital oilfield and production optimization,brown field EOR, oily sludge treatment and utilization...

Technologies and Innovations

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