Technology Trend

Research on performance improvement of Gamma meter

To further improve gamma meter performance by study on gamma energy spectrum collection, improve stability and accuracy of both hardware and software systems.

Research on MVT signal demodulation

Optimize MVT signal demodulation and transmission mode, improve the stability and accuracy of MVT data signal.

Development of integrated cost-effective MPFM

In order to adapt to the international and domestic market demand for cost-effective MPFM, will develop a versatile MPFM system and improve the competitiveness of Haimo products in the international and domestic market.

R&D of subsea MPFM

Develop a subsea MPFM system which is suitable for 1500m depth of water, 10000 Psi high pressure condition, finally achieve subsea MPFM localization.

Research on gamma ommateum technology

Develop gamma ommateum technology based on SiPM type array detector, establish the technical foundation of MPFM which has fluid section imaging function.

Dynamic detection and comprehensive utilization of field data

Cooperate with domestic and overseas enterprises, combine the advantage of multiphase flow metering database of Haimoand dynamic data processing technique of cooperative enterprise, and provide clients with a set of solutions of comprehensive utilization of data.

Research on nonradioactive MPFM

In order to adapt to the international and domestic market demand for cost-effective and high security MPFM, develop a MPFM based on nonradioactive technology and improve the diversity of Haimo products.

Technologies and Innovations

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