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Haimo Technologies Group Corp. (hereinafter referred to as Haimo Technologies ) is a multinational company engaged in oilfield equipment manufacturing, oilfield technical services and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development. HaimoTechnologies was founded in 1994. In 2000, Haimo Technologies completed the overall change and established a company limited by shares. In 2010, Haimo Technologies went public in China, listed on the Shenzhen GEM stock exchange with ticker symbol: Haimo Technologies (stock code 300084).

Haimo Technologies has 13 wholly-owned subsidiaries (shares), 5 holding subsidiary and 1 shareholding company. Haimo technologies has about one thousand employees and conducts business on a global scale. Our products and services are offered to 27 countries in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South America, North America and Central Asia.

Main business:

1. Oilfield equipment and instruments

  1)Oilfield digital intelligent enhanced oil recovery (EOR) system (production well surface monitoring system, smart layer separate water injection system, artificial intelligence water injection streamline analysis system, smart layer separate production system, smart coalbed methane production system, gas production intelligent monitoring system)
   2)Multiphase flow meters for onshore, offshore platforms and subsea applications.
   3)Fracturing pump fluid end assembly and high pressure fluid components.
   4)Exploration and open hole logging products.
   5)Production logging and well testing products.
  6)Oilfield environmental protection equipment (produced water treatment and recycle system, mobile and skid-type flowback treatment system).
   7)Oilfield special purpose vehicles.

2. Oilfield technical services

   1)Oilfield environmental protection technical service.
   2)Exploration and logging services.
   3)Production logging and well testing services.
   4)Mobile multi-phase testing services.
   5)Oilfield water injection calibration and adjustment services.

3. Oilfield enhanced oil recovery (EOR), production optimization solutions

   1)Production measurement validation, restore and prediction. 
   2)Well testing optimization
   3)Big data and artificial intelligence system for oilfield production optimization.

4. Shale oil and gas development

   1)Full and partial interest holder of shale oil blocks in Texas and Colorado, U.S.A.
   2)Licensed oil and gas field operator in the U.S.A. 

Through more than 20 years of development, Haimo Technologies has been recognized globally as a leader in the multiphase metering technology. It is one of the three major suppliers of oilfield multiphase flow meters and services in the international market, and a representative of "China Made" in the international oilfield equipment industry. Haimo Technologies' multiphase metering products and services have maintained market leadership in the Middle East, South America and domestic offshore oilfields for many years. The conclusion and delivery of the national-level scientific research projects such as subsea wet gas flowmeters and subsea multiphase flow meters by Haimo Technologies, marks a breakthrough in China's subsea production technologies and a break of the technological monopoly by foreign companies.

In the field of fracturing equipment, Haimo Technologies is the largest manufacturer of Frac pump fluid end assembly in China, providing world-class quality products for domestic and international oilfield service companies, maintaining its leading position in the industry for many years, and became "Golden Helmet Supplier" for renowned international oilfield service company.

In the fields of enhanced oil recovery and oilfield logging service products, Haimo Technologies has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of downhole tools and instruments. It is the largest manufacturer with the most complete logging tools/products in the private business sector of China. Haimo Technologies' smart water layer separate injection tools have been assembled and used in tens of thousands of wells in various oilfields in China with absolute leading position; The newly developed full set of intelligent layer separate water injection, layer separate production, surface intelligent monitoring and formation oil and water distribution prediction system represents further leads the intelligent oilfield development trends.

In the field of oilfield environmental protection, Haimo Technologies as the first enterprise in China to develop a special vehicle for flowback water treatment, has successfully launched its products and services to major oil fields in China, and resolved the technical challenges in flowback water’s treatment, re-use and re-injection for customers. 

Sinceestablishment, Haimo Technologies has adhered to the principle of “independent research and development, manufacturing in China”, and has a series of products with proprietary intellectual property rights such as multiphase flow meter, intelligent enhanced oil recovery, well completion, well logging and oilfield flowback water treatment and re-use technologies. Haimo Technologies has more than 120 R&D engineers with master's degrees or above, and has extensive experience in electromechanical design, nuclear physics, mathematics, mechanics, and petroleum engineering. In addition to the national subsea wet gas and multiphase flow meter development projects, Haimo Technologies also developed self-diagnose, self-repair, and prediction functions for metering technologies, and new technologies and products for intelligent oilfield and production optimization applications based on years of experience in the development of measurement instrumentations.

Haimo Technologies has a highly experienced professional and technical international and domestic marketing and after-sales team. It has 8 branches or offices in the world, 17 oilfield offices in China. Over the years, Haimo Technologies has established a management system that meets international and domestic standards for product quality, service quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection (HSE). Haimo Technologies is a high recognized qualified products and service provider for more than 20 oil and oilfield service companies such as Saudi Aramco, PDO, ADCO and ADMA, BP, Shell, Halliburton, Total, ConocoPhillips, Anadarko, OMV Group, Petrofac Group, Cairn Energy, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec and Yanchang Petroleum, as well as their respective subsidiary service companies.

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