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Haimo Technologies Group Corp. is a multinational enterprise dedicated to providing innovative technologies, products and services for multiphase flow measurement, production optimization, enhanced oil recovery and reservoir management of oil & gas wells, and also provides comprehensive solutions for the digital transformation of the oilfield.  

Serving the industry for over 27 years, the company was founded in 1994 by 3 young technology entrepreneurs and it grew from strength to strength over the years that followed. In 2000, Haimo became a joint-stock limited company and in May of that same year, Haimo listed on the Shenzhen GEM stock exchange with ticker symbol: Haimo Technologies (stock code: 300084).

Haimo Technologies has 22 subsidiaries worldwide with a multi-national and culturally diverse team of about 1000 personnel deployed worldwide, Haimo Technologies conducts it’s business on a global scale, with its products and services offered across the Middle East, North Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia as also North and South America. The group’s Research & Development entity, Haimo Research Institute, is responsible for further advancing the company's technology base, high-end technical training, new technology introduction, verification and acceptance; transformation of scientific and technological achievements to the market requirements; and providing all-round technical support for various business sectors. 

Main business:

1. Oilfield Equipment Manufacture & Supply 

1) Intelligent enhanced oil recovery (EOR) systems (production surface monitoring system, smart well production optimization system, smart field production optimization system).

2) Multiphase flow meters for onshore, offshore platforms and subsea applications.

3) Fluid end assemblies for fracturing pumps and other high pressure fluid components.

4) Production logging, well testing and open hole logging products.

5) Oilfield environmental protection equipment (produced water treatment and recycle system, fracturing flow-back fluid treatment system).

6) Oilfield special vehicles.

2. Oilfield Technical Services

1) Production logging and well testing services.

2) Mobile multiphase well testing services.

3) Oilfield environmental protection technical service.

4) Horizontal well reservoir evaluation and diagnose water influx location.

5) Fracture reorientation technology.

3. Oil & Gas field Digital Business Unit

1) Intelligent oil/gas well production optimization system.

2) Intelligent monitoring system for oil and gas field operations.

Haimo Technologies is a global market leader for the provision of multiphase flow meters (topside & subsea) and production optimization solutions for oil and gas fields and a key supplier of high quality fracturing pump fluid ends to the leading international service companies. Haimo is also the market leader in China for downhole testing/well testing solutions, stimulation instruments and tools and is the preferred technology provider for the digitization of China’s oil and gas fields.

In the field of multiphase flow metering, Haimo’s leading technology portfolio has enabled them to maintain a strong international market share, especially with the national oil companies in the Middle East countries like in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates & the Sultanate of Oman. Besides the Middle East region, they also have made key breakthroughs in the newer markets of North & South America too. The independent innovation and painstaking research & development efforts over the past years on subsea multiphase and wet gas flow meters has resulted in a technologically advanced product that also marks a breakthrough in China’s subsea production technology capabilities. Looking to the near future, the company will strive to become a domestic leader in this field besides being a world-class manufacturer of key equipment for subsea production systems. 

In the field of fracturing equipment, Haimo’s subsidiary company, Qinghe Machinery Shanghai, is the foremost manufacturer of high quality and high pressure Frac pump fluid end assemblies in China, and provides its world-class products to both the domestic and international oilfield service companies. In doing so, it has maintained the leading position in this industry for many years, as demonstrated by the "Golden Helmet Supplier" award and recognition, bestowed on Qinghe by a renowned international oilfield service company.

In the field of downhole logging/well testing, enhanced oil recovery, production stimulation instruments and tools, Haimo’s subsidiary, Sitan Instruments is a well-known enterprise in the industry. Through continuous independent innovation, it has developed a number of advanced products with independent intellectual property rights. The technical level of its intelligent stratified water injection products has taken the leading position in the world, and its intelligent stratified water injection systems, intelligent well measuring and adjusting instruments, testing/well testing instruments and other products have a relatively high market share, brand awareness and market recognition in China The products and services are spread all over the major oil and gas fields in China.

In the field of oilfield environmental protection, Haimo Technologies is the first enterprise in China to develop a special vehicle for flowback water treatment, and it has successfully launched its products and services to major oilfields in China, and resolved the technical challenges in the flowback water treatment, re-use and re-injection for customers. The total amount of produced water and fracturing flowback fluid in oil and gas fields is nearly one million cubic meters, so Haimo’s water treatment solutions have in a way made a significant contribution towards the greener development of oil and gas fields.

In the field of oil and gas field digitalization, the company has successfully developed a suite of Digital products such as "Haimo Data Pandora Oil and Gas Well Intelligent Production Optimization System" and "Haimo Data Pandora Mobile Intelligent Workover Operation Monitoring System"; and has obtained a series of patents and realized batch commercial applications for the same. The company further targets to aggressively leverage its technology edge and secure the major opportunities of digital transformation in the petroleum industry, by providing comprehensive single point solutions for the construction of smart oil wells and smart oil and gas fields for domestic and foreign oil companies.

Since its establishment, Haimo Technologies has adhered to the principle of “independent research and development & in-house manufacturing”, and has a series of products with proprietary intellectual property rights such as the multiphase flow meter, intelligent enhanced oil recovery technology, cased hole logging systems and oilfield flowback water treatment and re-use technologies. Haimo Technologies has more than a hundred strong R&D team with highly qualified personnel, most with master's degrees and higher, and who have extensive experience in electromechanical design, nuclear physics, mathematics, mechanics, and petroleum engineering.

The sales and after sales team is composed of highly experienced, professional and technical personnel with a rich and varied background. It has 8 international offices based out of Asia, the Middle East, North & South America and 17 oilfield offices in China to serve its growing partner & customer base.

The current direction of the company is geared towards becoming a leading manufacturer of key equipment for offshore & subsea production systems. Towards this end, Haimo will work tirelessly with its strategic partners to achieve the full localization of key equipment for subsea production systems in the offshore oil and gas fields and utilize its comprehensive technical advantages in smart well completion, wellhead multiphase metering, oil and gas field production optimization and digitization, and in the field of collaborative AI&IoT (Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things). 

Quality of products & services, care for its people and partners and the environment are key drivers at Haimo. In line with this philosophy, over the past 27 years, Haimo Technologies has established a management system in terms of product and service quality, HS&E and that satisfies ISO 9001, 14001& 18001 standards. As a qualified products and services provider to major operating and service companies in China and overseas, Haimo Technologies will continue to provide technical innovation-based best solutions to its valued customers.

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