Management Team

The management team of Haimo consists of highly educated, top talent, strong cohesion people with internationalized vision.

Jianwen Dou

Chairman (Board Member)

Jianwen Dou, Chinese, is the co-founder of Haimo and the inventor of the Haimo multiphase meter technology. He has served as our Chairman / President and CEO until September, 2014. He has also been the President & CEO at Haimo America Inc. and Haimo Oil & Gas LLC, USA since 2012. Currently, he holds the position as Chairman of the Haimo group of companies. Earlier to Haimo, he has worked at the Institute of Modem Physics at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of scientific research. Jianwen holds a Bachelors degree in Modern Physics from the University of Science and Technology, China and has also graduated in 2008 from OPM 37 at Harvard Business School, USA.

Jun Ma

Executive Vice President (Board Member)

Jun Ma, Chinese, is the Executive Vice-President of the Haimo group of companies since June 2010. He is the Chairman of Lanzhou Haimo Technologies LLC since June 2013. He is also the President of Haimo International Business Group(IBG) since 2015.He has earlier held the positions of Vice President – International Operations of Haimo group of companies and Managing Director at Haimo International FZE, UAE over the period of 2002 to 2013. Prior to this, he was employed with Lanzhou Petroleum and Chemical Machinery Group Company (LS) in various positions of increasing responsibility, the last being as Vice President – Import and Export Corp of LS and General Manager of their Middle East operations. Ma graduated from the Department of Economics at Nankai University, China, with H.B.Econ., and holds an MBA from the London Business School.

Liqiang Zhang

Executive Vice President (Board Member)

Liqiang Zhang, Chinese, is the Executive Vice President of Haimo group of companies since November 2010. He is the Company Secretary with the Board of Directors of the Haimo group.He is also the President of Haimo Equipment Manufacturing Group(EMG) since 2016. Earlier to this, he has held various positions of increasing responsibility within Haimo. Zhang holds a Bachelors degree in History from Zhongshan University, China, and graduated from the senior training class of the Department of Business Management of Tsinghua University, China.

Bo Yang

Vice President (Board Member) 

Bo Yang, Chinese, is vice-president of HAIMO group since May. 2018 and general manager of Xi'an Sitan since Feb.,2008. He has served as sales director of Northeast Area of China in Xi'an Sitan from June,2000 to Jan.,2008; From July, 1997 to May,2000,he has served as technician of Xi'an Stan Microelectronics Institute and manager of Daqing office. Bo Yang graduated from the Xi'an Communication College of the People's Liberation Army, college degree.

Xiaodeng He

Chief Financial Officer

Xiaodeng He, Chinese, has been the CFO at Haimo since November, 2010. He joined Haimo in 2003 and has held the positions of Accounts Manager, Financial Manager and Deputy Finance Director in the past. Prior to joining Haimo, Xiaodeng used to work with the Lanzhou Electric Corporation. He holds a Bachelors degree in international accounting from Lanzhou university of finance and economics and holds an MBA from the School of Management of Lanzhou University, China.

Shengdong Yong

Investor and Public Relations Director

Yong Shengdong, Chinese, is the Investor & Public Relations Director at Haimo since 2015. He used to earlier work at the Lanzhou Motor Factory, he also served as Securities Representative of Lanzhou Huanghe Enterprise Co.,Ltd from 2001 to Jun, 2010. He joined Haimo as Securities Representative in June, 2010. He holds a Bachelors degree and gets the Secretary of the Board Certificate in September, 2003.

Investor Relations

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