Products and Services

Multiphase Flow Metering Products and Services

Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM), are systems that measure flow rates of individual components in multiphase flow in situ, without first separating the components. Compared to separators, Multiphase Flow Meters are smaller and less massive; provides results much faster; requires much less maintenance and provides additional data to be used for production optimization. Haimo Technologies provides Full Range Multiphase Flow Meters, Bulk Multiphase Flow Meters, Spool Piece Multiphase Flow Meters, Wet Gas Meters, Water Cut Meters, Exempted Source SP Multiphase Flow Meters, Exempted Source Water Cut Meters, Subsea Multiphase Flow Meters, and mobile well testing and production measurement services.

Fracturing Equipment and Services

As a manufacturer of fracturing pump fluid end assembly as well as accessories and parts, Haimo Technologies proudly provides top quality fluid end assemblies for fracking, accessories including joints, valves and valve seating; ball injectors, high pressure fluid components and manifolds all over the world. Hydraulic fracturing is one of the key technologies that made "Shale Revolution" possible. Fracturing pump fluid-end assembly is a critical component of hydraulic fracturing system and its reliability and longevity directly affect the safety and success of fracturing operations.

Environmental Protection Equipment and Services

In the field of oilfield environmental protection, Haimo Technologies as the first enterprise in China to develop a special vehicle for flowback water treatment, has successfully launched its products and services to major oilfields in China, and resolved the technical challenges in flowback water’s treatment, re-use and re-injection for customers.

Integrated Production Optimization Services

While MPFM can be used in custody transfer, well testing, and allocation metering, real-time multiphase flow measurements also offers a wealth of information that can be used in production optimization at various scales. Haimo's Integrated Production Optimization Services (IPOS) through rich operational experience and combination of reservoir and production data, provides value-added services including data validation and cleansing, well testing verification and optimization, intelligent allocation, water injection optimization, real-time well monitoring and alarm systems, production analysis and production enhancement consultation.

Exploration and Production

Haimo Technologies is the first Chinese listed private company to participate in unconventional oil and gas production in the U.S. Haimo America, Inc. is an independent energy company that is devoted to energy industry investments across North America. It is also a licensed oilfield operator and produces oil and gas in Permian Basin in West Texas and manages production from a joint venture in Colorado.