Integrated Production Optimization Services or IPOS is a division within Haimo set up as a result of client feedback into how we can assist in improving their decision making process. In the past, lack of data points was a major issue in field optimization but due our competitive metering range this is largely becoming a thing of the past and the question is now - what can we do with all this data to improve production efficiency and reduce costs?

With our extensive experience in 5 continents over 20 years of working with customers to improve their metering and monitoring capabilities Haimo IPOS are well placed to answer this question. As an operator of non-conventional assets in the USA, we are aware of how to make best use of multiphase flow software and data interpretation to offer services which provide cost-effective optimization solutions.


Haimo IPOS offers a full platform offering effective solutions for Data Collection through to Solution Definition. Please find out more about each package by clicking the links below:

Our Offerings

Data Collection

Data Validation & Cleansing


Production Analysis

Solution Definition

Multiphase Flow Meters

Well Test Optimizer

Smart Alarm System

Well Performance Evaluation

Field Development Planning

Wet Gas Meters

Well Test Verification Tool

Real Time Well Monitoring

Reservoir Modelling

Production Enhancement Contracts

Low Production Tester

Intelligent Allocation System

Integrated Asset Modelling

High Performance Tester

Water Cut Meter


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