Exploration/Appraisal Well Testing Services

Exploration/Appraisal Well Testing Services

To use MPFM for exploration and/or appraisal well testing instead of a conventional test separator represents the direction of technology development. The small foot print, real time data acquisition and display system greatly simplifies well testing equipment and processes, removes uncertainties associated with time delays due to gravity separation of oil and water, substantially saves CAPEX and OPEX, reduces the time of field construction, thus improves reserve evaluation processes. Haimo offers mobile testing units for such services.

Exploration Surface Well Testing Services

Exploration/Appraisal Well Testing Services

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* Well type:  Oil well    Gas well
* Targeted flow:  Two phase  Three phase
Operating Temperature (℃):
Design Temperature (℃):
Operating Pressure (bar):
Design Pressure (bar):
Expected Gas/Liquid Flow Rates (am³/d):
Is gamma meter accepted or not:
Location of the Project (Country):
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