Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (Subsea-MPFM)

Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (Subsea-MPFM)

Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (Subsea-MPFM)

Haimo Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (Subsea-MPFM) is a new product developed specifically for installation either directly on a production tree or on a in a subsea manifold on the sea bed. It has a very compact design for installation and retrieval using remotely operated vehicles (ROV), and new technologies for long term performance under harsh pressure, temperature, corrosion, undercurrent forces at water depths of more than 1000 meters. 

Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (Subsea-MPFM)

Haimo Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (Subsea-MPFM) is developed based on Haimo's existing patented topside MPFM with added new technologies to insure accurate and reliable multiphase flow measurements for more than 20 years under the subsea harsh environments including high inside and outside pressures, low temperature, undercurrent shock load and vibration, and corrosion from seawater. The measurements are based the combination of dual-energy gamma ray meter and venturi mass flow meter, capable of handling oil and gas well flows up to 100% Gas Volume Fraction (GVF). The Subsea-MPFM provides real-time multiphase flow rates at standard conditions, together with inline pressure and temperature. 

Haimo Subsea-MPFM is constructed with materials that can stand the corrosive environment at the sea bed and corrosion from the production flow, and equipped with redundant components for double assurance. With a compact design, the Subsea-MPFM can be installed both directly on the wellhead for single well measurement or on a manifold for multiple well measurements. All designs are certified by independent third party DNV GL, and prototype tested and certified at DNV GL in Groningen, Netherlands. 

Haimo Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (SMPFM)

Haimo Subsea Multiphase Flow Meter (SMPFM)

Mechanical & Electrical Specifications

Meter Inlet Dimension

3-inch (Others Optional)

Venturi Material

Duplex Stainless Steel (Others Optional)


RS 485 Modbus or Canbus

Production Specification Level


Power Consumption

≤ 15 w

Design Life

20 years

Power Supply Voltage

18~36 V DC

Performance Specifications


0<GVF< 95%

GVF≥ 95%

Liquid Flow Rate

5% Rel. 

10% FS. 

Gas Flow Rate

7% Rel.

5% Rel.

Water Cut

2% Abs.


*Water Volume Fraction (WVF): 0.2% (Abs)


Water Cut


Gas Volume Fraction


Design Pressure

0~10000 psi

Operating Temperature

-29~121 deg. C

Water Depth

1500 m


  • Inline flow meter, non intrusive, no moving parts

  • Suited for all flow conditions 

  • Real-time and accurate data 

  • Built-in redundancy for longevity and reliability

  • Remote operation and data acquisition 

  • Outstanding dynamic and sensitive response

  • Low pressure loss

  • Low power consumption

  • Light weight


  • Single well monitoring

  • Multiple well monitoring

  • Production well testing

  • Allocation metering

  • Flow assurance


  • Reduce cost of field development

  • Early detection of water

  • Better well performance diagnosis

  • Simple installation and safe operation

  • Real-time data acquisition and remote operations

* Well type:  Oil well    Gas well
* Targeted flow:  Two phase  Three phase
Operating Temperature (℃):
Design Temperature (℃):
Operating Pressure (bar):
Design Pressure (bar):
Expected Gas/Liquid Flow Rates (am³/d):
Is gamma meter accepted or not:
Location of the Project (Country):
* Name:
* Email:

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